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The Nose Breathe® Technology

What is Nose Breathe Technology?

Nose Breathe® Technology is the relationship that exists between nasal breathing, tongue position, and lip seal/tongue suction. It is a simple and yet profound discovery. Why is it so important to know this? Nasal breathing always has played an important role in Eastern Cultures: yoga, martial arts, and meditation come to mind. Correct breathing technique is the focal point for success. The Japanese term is “Hara: stomach breathing”. To go deep in ones breathing; a more modern Western Culture term is diaphragmatic breathing. But why nasal breathing? Looking closely at nasal breathing and with the help of the nosebreathe® appliances it became evident that nasal breathing has three components: nasal breathing, tongue position, and lip seal/tongue suction. Nasal breathing places the tongue at the roof of the mouth (palate). The tongue has the ability to shape the upper jaw (maxilla) of a growing child. The well developed maxilla will develop the cranio-facial structures, and the all important hypothalamus and pituitary gland “the master switch” located deep at the base of the cranium; resulting in improved basal metabolism and optimum childhood development. The lower jaw (mandible) will naturally follow the maxillary development. Occurring naturally when the tongue is at the roof of the mouth is the subtle, ever present lip seal and tongue suction. For thousands of years the existence of the naturally occurring lip seal/tongue suction has gone unnoticed. Intuitively, the Eastern Cultures understood the importance of nasal breathing; and the work done by George Catlin: “Shut Your Mouth and Save You Life: Notes of Travels of North-American Indians” 1870, recorded that native American Indians had this knowledge for their survival. The discipline of centering - to remain single pointed, focused, at peace, calm, alert, and in balance; the tongue has to be at home plate - resting at the roof of the mouth. Buckminster Fuller saw himself as a “TRIM TAB”. Trim tab is a tiny, movable surface located at the trailing edge of a larger control surface (the rudder) of a ship or aircraft: small, inconspicuous yet so vital and critical. A mighty aircraft carrier with a flawed trim tab; its navigational ability and vulnerability would be compromised. In correct breathing, the tongue is the “trim tab”. It too, if flawed, would have negative affects on childhood development and the quality of ones adult life. Nose Breathe® Technology is the relationship that exists between nasal breathing, tongue position, and lip seal/tongue suction.

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