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Nose Breathing Benefits

Nose Breathing Reduces SnorningReduces snoring
Nasal Breathing Corrects the Tongue ThrustCorrects the tongue thrust (for orthodontic retention and for the prevention of poor cranio-facial development in children)
Breathing Through Your Nose Improves SpeechImproves the coordinations of orofacial musculatures (for speech improvement)
Nose Breathing Increases Stamina and EnduranceIncreases stamina and endurance
Nasal Breathing Prevents OvertrainingPrevents overtraining
Breathing Through Your Nose Decreases Mucuous ProductionDecreases mucous production
Nose Breathing Reduces Pulse RateReduces pulse rate
Nasal Breathing Places Less Stress on the HeartPlaces less stress on the heart
Breathing Through the Nose Improves Oxygenation of the BloodImproves oxygenation of the blood

Once you understand the significance of nose breathing, you will be able to add more benefits to the list.

Dr. John Douillard claims that nose breathing enhances deep breathing in which the diaphragm contracts and increases the cavities of the lungs. Because the majority of the blood is located at the bottom of the lungs, more oxygen will be absorbed into the blood. The slower release of air through the nostrils will keep air in the lungs for a longer period of time, furthering the absorption of oxygen. With more effective breathing, the heart rate is reduced, less stress is placed on the heart, greater stamina, and rapid recovery from sport activities. Nose breathing becomes the function of the parasympathetic nervous system and leads to improved concentration and performance — helps to stay calm, relaxed, and focused — while in the "zone." Dr. Douillard calls the zone, "being in the eye of the hurricane" — calm and powerful! Nose Breathing

Mouth breathers are tongue thrusters and have poor tongue coordination. In tongue thrusting, the tongue pushes against the back of the teeth during swallowing. Abnormal swallowing patterns cause major problems in the cranio-facial development in children.

Nose Breathing Benefits Children Many of my colleagues in orthodontics have known for years that there was a direct relationship between the degree of mouth breathing and the severity of the malocclusion. Unbeknownst to me was the magnitude of health issues that were associated with incorrect breathing. Incorrect breathing has affected almost every facet of our society.

I have come to realize mouth breathing is a huge problem and has a major influence in the quality of our daily lives. As Dr. Gray states, "...each of our bodies' 3,000,000,000,000 (trillion) cells need oxygen, otherwise they will die."

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