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The Nose Breathe Mouthpiece

On average, each of us inhale and exhale 28,000 times a day. With the help of the Nose Breathe (NB), Nose Breathe Tongue Positioner (NB/TP), Nose Breathe Pacifier (NB/P), Nose Breathe with Oral Shield (NB/0S) or Nose Breathe for Heavy Mouth Breather (NB/HMB) learning how to breathe correctly can help fight the stress in your life. Just look around and you will notice we live in a Type A society:  too busy, too hard at work, too much stress, poor eating habits, looking for the perfect high, with our mouths open. Many of us have come to use our mouths as alternate noses.

Honolulu Orthodontist, Dr. Steven Sue, introduces the Nose Breathe mouthpieces; training appliances to enhance nasal breathing. The implementation of nose breathing may not be simple. It requires lifestyle changes. The Nose Breathe mouthpieces will help make it easier for you to make the changes.

Mouth breathers are often prone to nasal congestion, watery and itchy eyes, runny nose, allergies, dry cough, snoring, tongue thrust, abnormal swallowing habits, crooked teeth, low energy level, and asthma. Discover why nasal breathing is so beneficial to ones health and how mouth breathing could lead to the breakdown of ones health. Learn that Nose Breathe Technology is congruent to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Use the links on the left to view detailed information about the following:  Nose Breathe;  Nose Breathe Tongue Positioner;  Nose Breathe Pacifier;  Nose Breathe with Oral Shield;  and Nose Breathe for Heavy Mouth Breather;  how to order your own training appliance;  nose breathing research;  nose breathing benefits;  debilitating affects of mouth breathing;  related publications and web links;  Dr. Sue and his non-extraction orthodontic philosophy.

Nose Breathe, Nose Breathe Tongue Positioner, Nose Breathe Pacifier, Nose Breathe Trainer, Nose Breathe with Oral Shield, and Nose Breathe for Heavy Mouth Breather encourage one to breathe through nose. The appliances are simple, comfortable, and easy to wear, and they work!

Learn about the physiological and biochemical research of nose breathing. Find out how the balance or imbalance of carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange affects ones health. Read the Editorial and Dr. Sue's opinion why he believes the initial stages of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) may not had anything to do with sleep just like the first chicken had nothing to do with an egg! Discover how world class athletes build enhanced respiratory systems and develop mental toughness.

The benefits of nose breathing are unlimited. In addition, one looks better with the mouth closed, except when smiling. Observe that new born babies only know how to nose breathe.

Place an order for your own custom-fitted Nose Breathe, Nose Breathe with Oral Shield, or Nose Breathe for Heavy Mouth Breather and we will send you a self-impression kit. We back our training appliances with a money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of good breathing habits to gain. Learn why the Nose Breathe Tongue Positioner, Nose Breathe Pacifier, and Nose Breathe Trainer are the hope for the future and why every child should have one; why geriatric patients would benefit from the Trainer;  and why mouth breathing is not as innocent as it looks.

Read more about Dr. Sue's orthodontic philosophy, contact us, comments from clients, or browse our collection of links and references to related publications and web sites.

See what others are saying about the Nose Breathe and Nose Breathe Oral Shield and Nose Breathe for Heavy Mouth Breather

"I lost my first NB/HMB and need to order another one after one of my family members accidentally threw it away... err. You are awesome and I really sincerely appreciate your help. I know it has made quite a difference in my treatment of my sleep apnea. You have a great product and give a lot of value back to the community. Your product was one of the pieces I needed in the puzzle of why my treatment wasn't working. Your product has made a huge impact. I'll be looking forward to checking my mailbox for it today."

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Nose Breathe for Heavy Mouth BreatherM. Horvath, Rockford, IL

"Thank you so much for the mouthpieces (NB and NB/HMB) you made for me. They are a great fit and extremely comfortable. I had no trouble getting used to wearing them. I appreciate you noticing the chipping that had been occurring on my canine teeth and appreciate the extra attention you put into this area. I am sleeping very comfortably and my husband has already commented that I'm snoring less. I've worn 3 different types of mouthguards previously from other dentists that were for bruxism. I've never worn an appliance that affected tongue placement and have to admit I had my reservations about if it would be too cumbersome to wear. I was pleasantly surprised by what a fabulous design it is and how extremely effective. Nice work!"

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Nose Breathe
MouthpieceNose Breathe for Heavy Mouth BreatherE. Frishkorn, Gilbert, AZ

"It was comments from others that made me pay extra attention to Nose Breathe, since I was not comfortable with my present device. It was pretty much useless to me at the moment. Well, Dr. Steven thank you so much for your mouthpieces, they are amazingly wonderful and work excellently. I started with the NB and it works like a charm. It was very gentle on my gums and the first night I slept like a baby and heard no complaints of snoring from my wife the next morning. Once I get used to the NB, I can use the NB/HMB which has a stronger grip when needed. Since I now breathe through my nose I don't get any dry mouth during the night and not having to frequently wake up to get a drink of water. My investment is worth every penny and thanks for doing a great job... I will definitely pass the word along to all my friends who are in need of these devices. "

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Nose Breathe
MouthpieceNose Breathe for Heavy Mouth BreatherR. Gowda, Nashville, TN

"The new NB works perfectly and I am so pleased. Stays on through the night, and helps me achieve nose breathing for most of the 24 hour day. Since I have talked with you [about a year and a half ago], I have truly appreciated the benefits of nasal breathing on a day to day basis. As a tournament tennis player, it has given me more control of my physiology, emotions, and ability to focus. Thank you so very much!"

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Nose Breathe
MouthpieceJ. Carleton, Palo Alto, CA

"After many throat/nose surgeries, nasal sprays, and nose strips, I still snored and ended up with a CPAP. I had a severe case of sleep apnea. The setting on my CPAP was very high and after several hours of sleep would wake up with mouth and throat severely parched. A humidifier did not solve the problem as I was also breathing through my mouth. Two of my co-workers told me about Dr. Sue and his mouthpiece. After all that I have been through I figured "what the heck" so I made an appointment. He thoroughly explained the importance of nasal breathing. So I got fitted for the NB/HMB. The morning after I used the NB/HMB for the first time, I noticed two things: First, I felt great, really rested. Second, I woke up and noticed I was in basically the same position when I fell asleep from the usual restless: tossing and turning. What is really great knowing the health benefits because of the high rate of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes associated with sleep apnea. Another benefit on the social side is that, when I go on "road trips" with my golfing buddies, there will be no arguments over who will bunk with me. Thank you Nose Breathe and Dr. Steven Sue."

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Nose Breathe for Heavy Mouth BreatherW. Matsuoka Honolulu, HI

"I have been using my NB for a few years and I love it. I mean I LOVE it. I get far fewer throat and respiratory illnesses now and can't help but think it's because I don't wake up with my throat dry and parched every morning. I sleep better, I don't snore, and most importantly I feel that I'm taking better care of my teeth, mouth and throat. Thank you for such a wonderful creation!"

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Nose Breathe
MouthpieceM. Ricci, CPO Atlanta, GA

"It was in the CPAP forums that your name came up, back in 2004 - 2005, and recommended a way to keep pressurized air from escaping though the mouth. I bought two units then. It's not a 100% seal but good enough to work well. There were discussions back then about the product not lasting long, stretching and becoming too big, etc. I suspect some of the CPAP users then were cleaning it using unfriendly solvents. Mine lasted five years and it's used 365 nights a year, no exception. I started the second one less than two years ago and know it will go the distance. However, it works so well and so well designed that I want to prepare for the day it gets left behind a hotel room, the dog eats it, whatever. I need a back up is what I am saying. If you ever want to advertise it for the purpose of maintaining CPAP pressure, which is so critical with this application, you can use my seven successful years using this product in conjunction with CPAP use as fact. The alternative to your product is taping one's mouth. Sounds silly but that's what many CPAP users resort to, I did for years and was always uncomfortable, inconvenienced and knew it was dangerous. Chin straps rarely work; I still have many types I tried too. The only device that allowed the CPAP critical pressure, pressure set by doctor prescription; to work is your device. I am ordering two more NBs. Thank you Dr. Sue."

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Nose Breathe
MouthpieceS. Rodriguez, Anaheim, CA

I have been suffering from a dry mouth due to the use of a B-Pap machine for sleep apnea for the last 4 years. I have tried several remedies to correct the problem, finally resorting to taping my lips shut each night. It was a hassle and very uncomfortable. I received a HMB about a month ago and since using it, my problem of dry mouth has been relieved completely. I am very satisfied and pleased with the results. Your product works!

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Nose Breathe for Heavy Mouth BreatherRon McDearmon, Corona, CA

Dr. Sue's INTERVIEW: as published in Dentaltown, a professional magazine that goes to all the dentists and dental hygienists in the US.

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